We aim to take care of your business so that you will feel like you have your own IT Manager. We provide our valued clients with the following services:

  • Web Design and Hosting: slick, modern and eye-catching design. We provide full package including web design, web hosting, domain registration, support and maintenance at a very competitive price. Please contact us now for an instant quote.  
  • Hardware: we provide a complete range of hardware/infrastructure products at a price that is cheaper than any retailer's price. We have direct access to various providers, and can provide the best hardware, including IBM, HP, Microsoft etc., which suits your purpose and budget. The purchase of hardware is available with installation and configuration services.
  • Software: to maximise business operations. Cubiccom provides consulting service that helps companies realise and apply technology to streamline their business processes. We will look at different aspects of your business and discuss possible technical enhancement to your work. Examples are:
    • Application and Server: Operating System, Antivirus, Firewall, Spyware Removal, Mail Server, Email Security Service, Backup and Recovery Server.
    • Customised software.
  • IT Support: to fix any problem so that your business can run smoothly. Our trouble-shooting service includes repair, upgrade, installation and configuration. Trouble-shooting service is done on-site or remotely.